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Sorretie Jaro

Isolation Cart Attendant

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, WA

For the past four years, Sorretie Jaro has played a very important role in the safety of Sacred Heart Hospital’s staff, patients, and guests. As an Isolation Cart Attendant, Sorretie’s main focus, every single day is to help keep doctors, nurses and visiting family members safe from infectious diseases such as MRSA.

Sorretie is in constant motion throughout the day, replenishing and stocking the hospital’s isolation carts which are mobile stations assigned to specific rooms where infectious disease is a concern. These carts carry vital supplies such as masks, gloves, gowns, and door signage.

“I was very excited when I found out that I landed the job and I’ve been really happy here since,” said Sorretie. “I really enjoy what I do and other than having to navigate large carts through some very busy hallways, I really don’t have a lot of challenges with this job,” she added.

As soon as Sorretie was on board, she learned her job quickly and was soon trained to work in other areas of the hospital’s warehouse, including laptop and iPad training to help assist her with on the job communications. Eventually Sorretie was working enough hours at the hospital to qualify for benefits.

“It’s been wonderful having medical and vision benefits,” she said.

For nearly all of Sorretie’s tenure, she’s worked under Kim Lechinburg, a supervisor for Sacred Heart’s warehouse. Kim’s experience with Sorretie has been positive right from the start.

‘Sorretie is always cheery, never has a bad day, and always shows up for her shifts,” says Kim. “She takes the initiative to restock rooms as needed and she’s capable of working in other areas of the warehouse which is always a huge advantage to me as a supervisor.”

Kim understands the value of an inclusive workplace and Sorretie is no exception to that rule.

“Everybody comes to a job with strengths and weaknesses. I feel it’s important to provide a level playing field for all prospective employees and give them the opportunity to shine,” said Kim.

“Sorretie has certainly shined in her role here at the hospital and she is treated no different than any other employee. She is a valuable member of our team and we greatly appreciate her versatility on the job.“

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