HireAbility Spokane partners with many businesses that have successfully grown their workforce by hiring competent, diverse employees with developmental disabilities.


Individuals with developmental disabilities work in a wide variety of jobs throughout Spokane County, ranging from hospitality to manufacturing to healthcare.


Brian Walch

Kalispel Linen Services, Airway Heights, Washington

Medical Linen Sorter/ Technician

Curtis Bash, manager of Kalispel Linen Services knew when he interviewed Brian Walch, he had found a great match for the needs of his company.

“He had a great attitude and was very positive when we met- and since then, Brian has lived up to all my expectations and more.” Click Here to Read More


Darby Harrington

Hemmingson Center, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington


Not so long ago, Darby Harrington was working part-time in a job that was no longer fulfilling. Over time, his duties had become limited, leaving him unchallenged and bored. Darby, who was unwilling to accept a job without purpose, spoke with his employment support team and together they decided it was time to seek out a new path. Click Here to Read More


David Sanchez

Suncrest Park Association, Nine Mile Falls, Washington


The moment that David Sanchez walked through the door for his job interview, Fred Mashtare, Head Caretaker at Suncrest Park, whispered to Owner, Mike Knowles, “I think he’s hired.” Click Here to Read More


Darren Driggs

Sodexo Dining, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington

Dining Room Attendant

When Darren Driggs planned to attend Gonzaga’s mock-interview event with HireAbility Spokane, he never expected to receive a job offer.

But that’s exactly what happened. Click Here to Read More


Todd Anderson

Southeast Daycare, Spokane, Washington

Kitchen Aide/ Custodial Aide

When Todd Anderson first started his new job at Southeast Daycare, 2 ½ years ago, he never imagined that his favorite part of the job was going to be seeing the kids every day. Click Here to Read More


Molly Toohey

Durham School Bus Services, Spokane, Washington

Bus Attendant

The job of a School Bus Attendant is anything but easy. The unpredictability of kids makes every day an almost entirely new experience. For Molly Toohey of Durham School Bus Services in Spokane, Washington, it’s a challenge that she accepts five days a week, with a huge smile on her face. Click Here to Read More


Bree Bethman

YMCA, Downtown, Spokane, Washington

Welcome Host

Nearly two years ago Bree Bethman was working in an isolated, outdoor-based job that didn’t seem to match up that well with her strengths. Click Here to Read More


Scott Ayers

Finch Arboretum, Spokane, Washington

General Maintenance Worker

Six years ago, Scott Ayers began his employment journey with Spokane’s Finch Arboretum, a 65 acre public park with an extensive botanical / tree garden, featuring more than 2,000 ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers. Click Here to Read More


David Sanchez (Update)

Sweeto Burrito/ Suncrest Park, Spokane, Washington

Greeter, Dessert Specialist/ Gatekeeper

Less than two summers ago, David Sanchez’s future was anyone’s guess. This young man was having trouble finding his direction in life and his mother and father were very concerned about what David’s world was going to look like after high school. Click Here to Read More


Chandan Bhuta

DSHS Division of Child Support, Spokane, Washington

Office Assistant

Back in 1999, The Supported Employment in State Government (SESG) program was adopted by the Washington State Legislature, and it provided paid competitive employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Click Here to Read More


Katie Sanders

Spokane County Community Services, Spokane, Washington

Department Aide

15 years ago, Katie Sanders didn’t know a whole lot about community services, but she did know that she wanted a career change. Click Here to Read More


Sorretie Jaro

Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington

Isolation Cart Attendant

For the past four years, Sorretie Jaro has played a very important role in the safety of Sacred Heart Hospital’s staff, patients, and guests. Click Here to Read More


Tyler Wilson

Davenport Hotel, Spokane, Washington

Laundry Technician

The historic Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane, regarded by many as Washington State’s grandest hotel, is a bustling center of activity that’s in constant motion 7 days a week. And just below the surface of all the activity is a dedicated group of individuals managing the immense amount of housekeeping tasks that a full scale, luxury hotel creates. Click Here to Read More

Larry Hill

Wonderland Family Fun Center, Spokane, Washington

Mini-Golf/ Laser-Tag/ Go-Kart Specialist

When Larry Hill showed up for his first day on the job at Wonderland Family Fun Center, he wasn’t quite prepared for what he was about to see. Click Here to Read More

Matt Polley

Brookdale Park Place Retirement Community, Spokane Valley, WA

Kitchen Utility Worker

Matt Polley got his first break in the working world as a young laborer at a local recycling plant. The work was steady but sometimes monotonous. While Matt was thankful for the opportunity at the plant, he always kept his sights set on something a little closer to his heart. Click Here to Read More