Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an extra cost to an employer to hire a person with a developmental disability?

No. When you hire a person with a developmental disability, you’ll pay them the going wage for that job. The rest of your costs are the same as they are when you hire any other employee. If needed, a trainer from an employment agency can provide additional support that you, your new employee, or your other employees might need at no cost to you.

What if I hire an employee with a disability, and they just never perform well? Will I be stuck with them?

No. All of your employees, including those with developmental disabilities, must perform the essential functions of their jobs to meet and exceed expectations. Most employers have a procedure for addressing sub-par performance for workers. There is no special protection or treatment for people with disabilities if they aren’t meeting expectations.

If I hire someone with a developmental disability, will the additional support disappear after I’ve trained my new employee?

No. Our employment support services are often needed and accessed during the first few weeks after a hire. Then our trainer gradually "fades" their presence as your new employee becomes stable and efficient in their job. However, if issues arise, our assistance is just a phone call away. There is no "expiration date" to our support for you, your new employee, and your staff.

Will employees with disabilities actually be able to do the job?

Yes. You’ll hire your new employee to perform the essential functions of the job and meet the same performance expectations of any other employee. Your new employee may need some extra time to learn the skills and the routine of the job and your workplace, and HireAbility Spokane provides that additional support.

What can a person with a developmental disability do?

Employees with developmental disabilities work in dozens of local companies doing a variety of tasks. Their abilities vary, as do their skills. Employees have jobs in manufacturing, customer service, office work, computer and data tasks, custodial jobs, landscaping and lawn care, food service, and other industries.

Will an employee with a developmental disability fit in with the rest of my crew?

Yes. The perceived differences of a person with a developmental disability quickly fade with familiarity. Employers often report that hiring employees with disabilities improves the culture, attitudes, and morale of their workplace.

Will I need to make expensive changes to my workplace to accommodate an employee with disabilities?

Most of the time, hiring a person with a developmental disability requires no accommodations at all. Data nationwide shows that even when workplace accommodations are needed for a person with a disability, most accommodations are under $500.

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