HireAbility Spokane employment support comes at no cost to your business.


Employment Solutions

HireAbility Spokane provides employment support from local consultants and trainers at no cost to your business. These resources are designed to augment and support your company's current onboarding and new employee training programs. They are also available to you for additional training past the new hire period. These services are funded by the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration. These DDA funds help HireAbility Spokane develop and provide ongoing services and supports for employers and individuals who wish to grow and strengthen their workforce through developmental diversity.

All facets of your business improve when diverse individuals bring new ways of thinking and interacting.

Our Supportive Employment Model

HireAbility Spokane works with you to ensure a seamless hire and onboarding process for your new employee.

Supported Employment provides:

  • A Knowledgeable and Experienced Employment Specialist
  • Pre-Screened and Prepared Job Candidates
  • Assistance with Interviewing
  • Assistance with Introductions
  • Tools, Resources and Assistance with Job Training
  • on-site review
  • training styles
  • accommodations
  • communication support
  • assistive technology
  • disability awareness training
  • An Employment Specialist Connected to You Who is Always Ready to Assist

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