HireAbility Spokane connects employers with individuals who have developmental disabilities who are seeking employment and capable of making a difference in your organization.


HireAbility Spokane

HireAbility Spokane provides employment solutions to Spokane County businesses through a diverse workforce of individuals with developmental disabilities.

For 10 years, we focused our efforts on an annual luncheon that informed Spokane’s business community about the capable, yet untapped workforce that individuals with developmental disabilities provide. The annual HireAbility Day luncheons resulted in thousands of business professionals learning about the advantages of hiring a diverse workforce.

From that, HireAbility Spokane has grown into a year-round effort to connect employers with high-quality employees who are ready to make a difference in their organization.

There are over 1,700 people of working age in Spokane County who have a developmental disability. Many of these individuals want to work to obtain a higher quality of life, achieve personal independence, and contribute to the Spokane community.

HireAbility Spokane has helped many people with developmental disabilities find jobs:









Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disabilities include a diverse group of lifelong physical, cognitive, and sensory conditions that occur before the age of 18. Among the more common are cognitive impairments, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and Down syndrome. Developmental disabilities are a natural characteristic of being human, and they’re a unique form of diversity that broadens understanding and enriches lives.

Statistics About Job Seekers

In the US, approximately 80% of people with significant disabilities are unemployed. The vast majority of them would like to have a job.

In Spokane County, there are over 1,700 people of working age who have a developmental disability.

More than 250 people with disabilities have jobs in Spokane County, but many are underemployed and would like jobs with more hours.

The average wage for people with developmental disabilities in Spokane County is $600 per month.

People with developmental disabilities in Spokane County earn wages and contribute to our community. Like the rest of us, their earnings goes back into our local economy.

Hire Ability Spokane appreciates the support of Spokane County Community Services, Housing and Development Disability Department as a major sponsor of our Spokane Countywide efforts.

HireAbility Spokane appreciates the support of Spokane County Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Departments as a major funder of our Spokane Countywide efforts.

People with developmental disabilities:

  • are much more similar to you than different
  • have strengths and weaknesses, just like you
  • have the right to respect, dignity, and real choices that come from meaningful and gainful employment in the community

When individuals with developmental disabilities work, they:

  • become valued employees
  • increase the success of your business
  • increase the positive image of your business with customers
  • bring stability to your business because of their loyalty and reliability
  • move from government subsidy to fully participating members of our community
  • pay taxes and contribute to their own living expenses

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